Electrical jumper is a Match3-Platformer.

As the sole electrical robot on duty you need to keep the lights on by matching power cubes for each electrical grid. The more cubes matched at a time, the more power the corresponding grid receives. Don't let any of the grids go offline, and watch out for falling power cubes.


- Left and right arrow keys to move
- Space to jump
- Space while in the air to throw held power cube at the ground
- [Z] to pick up / swap highlighted cube
- [X] to place cube on the ground

Moving next to or standing on cubes will highlight them to be picked up, or swapped with the cube you currently have. Moving into a tower while sliding down will allow you to swap or remove a cube from the tower if you can time it right.

Have fun!


Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare Compo 41.

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- Unity

- Photoshop



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